Silas Hughes

Roboticist - Mechanical Engineer - UAS Pilot

About Me

My name is Silas Hughes and I design, build, and pilot robots.

I provide researchers and companies with tools, services and expertise to fully utilize robotic platforms in their work. I work throughout the Greater Boston area, and I am alway interested in meeting with people interested in this field.

I have an BS in Mechanical Engineering from Olin College; since graduating in 2014, I have developed multiple custom drone and robotic platforms for researchers, pushed the limits of functional and composite 3D printing in vehicle and chassis design, and piloted drones for demonstrations, testing, and data collections.

Featured in the New York Times

I was recently featured in the New York Times in relation to a DARPA project I am working on. For this project, I use a combination of COTS components and custom hardware I design and manufacture to produce small autonomous air vehicles capable of carrying specific sensors. I also pilot the vehicles for tests, data collects, and demonstrations.

Application Engineering

I work directly with customers to help them make the most of the tools and services provided by a company for the customer’s particular application. Currently, I work with Markforged, teaching with and helping their customers learn how to effectively design and 3D print continuous fiber reinforced parts and metal sintered parts using the Mark X and Metal X.

Drone Design

I have been designing and building small air vehicles of all shapes and types for more than a decade. From building drones to catch whale snot to designing a quadcopter chassis that can be printed in one piece, I have built many odd flying machines. I continue to build these machines for professional and recreational purposes.

sUAS Pilot

As a certified sUAS Remote Pilot, I can legally pilot small autonomous air vehicles for commercial purposes. I also have a growing fleet of planes and multicopters that I can fly for data collects, photogamatry, photography, or cinematography.

Robotic Ground Vehicles

I have BS in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Robotics from Olin College of Engineering, and much of my experience there was based in the Intelligent Vehicle Lab. For my senior capstone project, my team worked with Ariens to develop a navigation system for an industrial lawn mower.